Drago Allure, a student-run and legally registered enterprise, was borne of the desire to “create a business that would directly impact local communities,” state founding members Akshay Chaudhary, Sammy Bandy and Ali Akil.

These three self-starting Global MBA students were able to utilize untapped resources of the Global MBA and create a company between classes and travels throughout China and India. Their business came to fruition as a stylish clothing line seeking to build up communities around the world, sourced and supplied from China, operating in India and impressively enough, continuing its mission into a third country, The United States, in May of 2015.

Drago Allure sells fashionable garments, currently in the form of its branded dark navy-blue collared shirt and trademarked dragon-like emblem.

“We act as a channel for social change, while being a distinguished and fashionable brand.”

I am reminded of an article written by XLRI’s own, and former Tata Steel HR executive Dr. Jittu Singh, entitled, Tight Rope Walk at Tata Steel: Balancing Profits and CSR. The gist of the article espouses the mission and vision that Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata had before his death in 1904, explaining how it has overcome a century of naysayers suggesting the world-famous Indian conglomerate should focus only on shareholders. Jamsetji Tata was, as Dr.Singh writes, “a true visionary- more of a nation-builder than a wealth-seeking industrialist.” I think it would suffice to say that nation building for Tata has done more than any other conglomerate for both the nation and for shareholders. It would make sense then, that Drago Allure’s GMBA founders have been trained in this XLRI-Tata ethos, which penetrates their very work.


For a young company in its preliminary growth stage of four months, it already submits a sizable portion of its proceeds to local projects in and around where sales take place. In fact, on Easter Sunday April 5, 2015, in Jamshedpur, Akshay Chaudhary and Sammy Bandy delivered school supplies, white boards, science equipment, stimulating games and more to Haludbani Village School, near Ghatshila, 40km south of Jamshedpur.

“Good businesspeople are resourceful,” says Ali Akil. Good businesspeople are “self starters.”

These are the unique experiences only found in the Global MBA program. Ali, Sammy and Akshay sought advice from experienced fellow GMBA students like Martin Chen and Hermes Wang from Tongji University in Shanghai to think out their sourcing strategy and to navigate the complex and often convoluted business culture of China.

They employed the elegant designs of Russian-American artist and fellow GMBA student Ekaterina Lebedeva to design their current logo. Ali, Akshay and Sammy encouraged others to contribute to idea creation, the development of a market segmentation strategy, product positioning, and even brought in others to model for the growing company. You have probably seen students and professors around Jamshedpur and on XLRI campus donning these fashionable shirts with a purpose. See more at www.dragoallure.com.

April 9, 2015, Jamshedpur

By: J. Michael Tasse


J. Michael Tasse is a Global MBA student from Detroit, Michigan. He writes for Case Western’s Weatherhead School of Management and you can read more on his website, at www.motorcityflow.com.