Dragoallure teachingApril 12, 2015 marked a monumental day for DRAGO allure. The company is committed to donating 25% of its proceeds to primary schools in the local communities in which its sales are made. On that sunny day in April, DRAGO allure was able to make its first donations to the primary school in the village of Haludbani. After having much success in sales in the realm of the XLRI campus and the Jamshedpur community, the company raised several thousand rupees to be put towards this specific primary school.

However, DRAGO allure does not believe in simply donating cash. The company went out and bought educational games and toys, along with school supplies for these children ages 5-8 years old. Some examples of items donated can be seen below.

Dragoallure children

The founders of DRAGO allure and a few of their MBA classmates took the day off to go visit these children and personally donate the items purchased for them. The children and their teachers were extremely welcoming. They were very appreciative of all the donations given, but they children were most excited for the baseball and basketball game that the company set up for them. The smiles on their faces were an unforgettable part of the entire experience. The founders of DRAGO allure enjoyed hanging out and spending the day with the children just as much as the children enjoyed their new games.

When the day came to an end, the coordinator of the school in Haludbani assured the founders that they have truly made an impact on the village and that they would be warmly welcomed back anytime. This was a truly satisfying experience for the company and is a great reminder of why DRAGO allure is in existence and what it stands for. They look forward to continue making an impact in communities across the world, and for DRAGO allure, this is only the beginning.