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Our Mission:

To act as a channel for social change, while being an intellectual and fashionable brand.

What do we do?

DRAGO allure acts as a channel for social change while being an intellectual and fashionable brand. This is our mission. Our goal is to have a positive impact on communities across the world.

We believe in the phrase ‘Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime’. We don’t make one time donations rather we make a one-time ‘valuable’ contribution that helps society in the long run. This is what makes us different from other cause related brands.

Currently, we are targeting children’s education. For each product we sell, we use the proceeds to support schools in both local communities around the world.

For, children in our global educational programs, some of the major issues they face at village schools, is that students do not have the some of the basic necessities they need, to be inspired to learn resulting in a high drop-out rates. Thereby continuing a cycle of poverty for people within the village. Therefore, we want to help encourage the continuation of education through contribution of educational toys and school supplies, such as microscopes, science experiment kits, and brain stimulating games, etc. We believe in the futures of these children. They have the potential; all we have to do is UNLOCK it.

In terms of the U.S. we’ve created an entrepreneurship afterschool program, for inner-city schools. Children, at our afterschool learn the basics of starting, managing, and expanding a business. In addition they learn the importance of leadership, team work and problem solving skills, through individual and team business simulations.

In urban America, they are very few High quality schools, let alone High quality afterschool programs. However, Drago Allures afterschool program, generate positive outcomes for youth including improved academic performance, and classroom behavior due to the enriched learning environment that’s not focused on testing, but the importance of learning from mistakes and failures. Additionally, communities and businesses also benefit when youth have safe and productive ways to spend their time while their parents are at work.

With your help, will be able to spread our programs to every city, village around world and, UNLOCK the next Einstein, or business Tycoon!

Dragoallure teaching
Dragoallure children