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Who are we?

We are three Global MBA students at Case Western Reserve University and XLRI from different backgrounds, Akshay (Jamshedpur, India), Sammy (Winston-Salem, USA), and Ali (Cleveland, USA). In the Fall 2014, we came together for a common cause. We wanted to create a business that would directly impact our local communities. We decided our first course of action would be to take on something that is passionate to each of us, which is the promotion and encouragement of children’s education. We wanted to create a unique brand that symbolized our support for this cause. That is when DRAGO allure was created. DRAGO allure is a premium clothing line dedicated to act as a channel for various social causes. Through DRAGO allure, our customers can directly impact their local communities on causes that are important to them. The combination of social involvement and fashion is one that we truly fell in love with.

Sammy drago allure

Sammy Bandy

Ali Drago allure

Ali Akil

Akshay Drago allure

Akshay Chaudhary